About TechGry

About TechGry

TechGry is a technology learning place for everyone who wanted to gain a deeper understanding of technologies they have already read about or learnt before but for some reason could not stick in their brain. Have you ever wondered what to focus upon with the abundant information out there. You cannot spend your limited time trying to learn everything going nowhere. TechGry tries to filter through all of it following 80/20 rule 80% of the knowledge is in 20% of the material. Its geared more towards breadth of the knowledge unlike depth.

TechGry tries to explain you things in one liners giving you analogies saving you tons of time. You do not have to worry about taking notes while following a video tutorial or reading through loads of pages for understanding simple topics. Its main goal is to make a topic stick in your brain and get back to revise anytime later with minimal effort. Topics are arranged in certain order, so your brain can remember for longer period. This is an evolving educational experience, so stay tuned for regular updates.

This would also be beneficial to experienced techies who wanted to revise their technical skills and fill in the missing dots. TechGry is for all those :

  • Preparing for Certifications Exams.
  • Prepping for Interviews.
  • Want to advance their Technical and Design skills.
  • Want to become Software Architects.
  • Simply become better at Technology.

Again the main idea of TechGry is to give you the aha moments while learning as most of these topics are not found in a single place elsewhere and these are geared to excel at something which you already have knowledge about.

Feel free to email your suggestions : techgryservice@gmail.com