OpsWorks (Stack, Chef recipes)

Configuration Management Service that helps build and operate highly dynamic apps and propagate changes instantly 1. OpsWorks Stacks (Reqd for Exam) 2. OpsWorks for Chef Automate 3. OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise


At the base level is Stack - Infrastructure platform like dev/prod/qa


At the second level is Layer - Tier (Application Tier, DB Tier etc)

  • OpsWorks revolve around the concept of Chef Cookbooks, recipe
  • Option to choose custom Chef cookbooks located in a repo (github)
  • Auto Healing capabilities of OpsWorks stacks.
  • Supports ECS in OpsWorks Layer
  • Instances : 24/7, Time-based, Load-based

Two primary parts:
1. Provisioning Engine 2. OpsWorks Agent

Provisioning Engine

  • Launches EC2
  • EBS volumes
  • Configures ELBs
  • Autoscaling
  • Autohealing

Opsworks Agent

Software that runs on instances for on-host configuration.

Opsworks Lifecycle Events

  • Setup : once after boot
  • Configure : whenever any stack instance changes state, update to stack
  • Deploy : upon app deployment
  • Undeploy : upon app deletion
  • Shutdown : when the instance is stopped


  • First a stack is created.
  • Then one or more layers are defined.
  • Then the application code to be run and launched into a layer is configured.
  • Then a Chef cookbook is created and recipes written which are associated with specific OpsWorks events lifecycles.
  • Then the instances are launched into the defined layers.
  • Finally the applications are deployed onto the servers defined at each application hosting layer.