Placement Groups

AWS Placement Groups

Placement Groups are logical groupings or clusters of instances in the selected AWS region. Placement groups are specifically used for launching cluster compute instance types.
(e.g. cc2.8xlarge)

Cluster Placement Groups

  • Same AZ (Availability Zone), ideally same hardware.
  • For Performance.
  • Adding instances is done ideally by recreating.
  • Ideally same type of instances.

Partition Placement Groups

  • Same AZ, but in partitions so is resilient to failure of partitions.
  • Through API or CLI only.
  • Large-scale deployments.
  • Ideally same type of instances.

Spread Placement Groups

  • Same or different AZ, more resilient to failures.
  • Small number of critical components, isolated hardware.
  • Can be different type of instances.